How do I progress in the nursing sector?

Nurses are an integral part of any healthcare system. They play many diverse roles and have an important responsibility toward the patients under their care to provide healthcare services for people of all ages. One chooses a nursing career because one loves to provide care to the needy and has a passion for improving their lives. 

The nursing sector has many opportunities when it comes to professional development and progress. Nurses can increase earning potential and gain new skills to help advance their careers. Progress in the profession is both thrilling and challenging as one must make a genuine difference in order to stand out from others for career growth.

Advancing in the nursing sector requires enhancing your education, knowledge, expertise and experience.

Enhance education

Education is an essential component of progressing in your nursing career. Various qualifications in the nursing sector are available.

  • Bachelor’s in nursing – Having a bachelor’s degree in nursing is a critical step to boost career advancement prospects as it opens doors to becoming a professional/registered nursing practitioner.
  • Master’s in Nursing – This is a powerful tool in any nurse’s career plan. If you are already a practicing nurse, an RN to MSN program can help you progress in the nursing sector. With a master’s degree from an institution such as Wilkes University, you are better qualified for leadership, managerial and teaching roles in the nursing sector.
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) – A doctorate can be the launching point for a career in healthcare research, as well as policy-making and administrative roles.
  • Continuing Education – Staying up to date is an important part of any nursing career progression. Learning new techniques and practices for nurses is a mandatory requirement for your license renewal.

With your continuing education, you can pursue a role such as a family nurse practitioner (FNP), which is a fantastic career in the nursing sector. It requires strong zeal and determination and undergoing the required education and training. A bachelor’s degree, 2-3 year’s clinical experience, and a Master’s Degree in Nursing from an accredited institution are required for FNP eligibility. 

Some other suggestions for progressing in the nursing sector

The following ideas for advancing in the nursing sector may help you reach your career goals.

  • Register – Become a certified/registered nursing practitioner (RNP) in your specialty area to advance your career. 
  • Gain experience – Hospitals, nursing homes, public health centers and charities provide different experiences to potentially open new career doors.
  • Training or workshops – Use all opportunities to gain skills and knowledge that could be a valuable addition to your CV. 
  • Specialization – Narrow your focus and add a specialization to capitalize on the aspects of your job that you like best.
  • Nursing blogs – Take advantage of thousands of resources from other nurses or nursing organizations and learn cutting-edge ideas in nursing practice from seasoned experts.
  • Professional bodies – Being a member of a professional forum can be highly advantageous as it gives you access to a whole new world of nursing connections

The enthusiasm you have in your field, professional activism and a proactive approach to professional development are all that are required for your progress in the nursing sector.


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