6 Unsung Environmental Benefits of Online Education

6 Unsung Environmental Benefits of Online Education

One of the excellent ways to ensure excellent communication at a convenient and low-cost level is through online education.

About 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies employ online education technology to develop their employees due to the convenient nature. Thus, IBM posited the benefit of online education as one way to boost productivity to a rate of 50 percent. However, there are some great benefits of online education to the environment we live in.

Experts on UK.collected.reviews have made us understand the need to develop our environment through energy efficient ways that can be learnt via online education. The platform introduces the best renewable energy suppliers who are vast in producing energy sources that have a very low environmental impact. Through online education, these energy suppliers are able to provide information on energy matters at a cost-saving rate. Below are the six environmental benefit to gain by choosing online learning

1.          Reduced Gas:

Gas emission and wastage has been an intermittent situation in towns and cities in the United State. Research showed that an average American citizen uses about 600 gallons of gas every year and much of this gas arises as a result of acceleration and heavy traffic. Thus, online education serves as a platform to sensitize the road users and the general public on how to avoid gas wastage and unnecessary emission, even at the comfort of their home.

2.          Reduced Pollution and Emission:

Research has shown that online education can help reduce emission by 90 percent.As confirmed by the University of West Georgia, for every 100 college students who did not use any means of transportation to school, emissions were reduced at a rate of 10 tons per semester. It can therefore be said that online education sensitizes the students to the harmful effect of unnecessary emission.

3.          Reduce the Use ofNatural Resources:

In the course of production or construction, emission is witnessed. But through online education, the demand for resources required is minimized and efficiently used. That is, the demand for raw materials such as metals, wood, plastic and other natural resources are reduced, thereby leading to a reduction in energy consumption. This corroborates the United Kingdom Open University Design Innovation Group, who posited that online education uses less than 90 percent energy compared to the regular way.

4.          Less Paper Usage:

As it has become known generally that deforestation is a serious environmental problem, online education has served several importance in reducing this environmental problem by teaching paper recycling. Aside, since all activities about online education are digital, this helps save the cost of paper, assignments and even textbook usage and also reduce cost of learning for students and the general public.

5.          Reduces the Use of Heat and Air Conditioning:

Maintaining a cool and serene learning environment requires switching between cold and warm environments. However, this can be minimized in order to prevent climate change and can be achieved by turning off these cold and heat generating devices for a specific period of time. One way to do this is through online education, which gives an avenue for off-site learning and reduces the need by study centers or campuses to switch on their thermostat devices.

6.          Cheaper and Cost effective:

From all indications, online education, with less need for electricity and air conditioning, paper materials, less car emission for commuters and less use of electronic devices, helps campuses and other public centers to take up a low budget cost and therefore make allow for sufficient saving.


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