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Celebrity Who’s Who: The Vapers

If one is a celebrity, whether a famous singer, an actor or actress or any other famous person, then it is not surprising that many people are influenced by the things they do. Fans, especially die-hard ones, copy almost anything that they do. They copy their hair styles, their clothing styles, they use brands that they use, the follow their quirks, make-ups, shoes, and whatever they do, wear, say, read, eat, anything, fans follow them faithfully. Even the names of their children are celebrity names.

Today, this phenomenon is also seen in vaping. Today, many celebrities are smoking e-cigarettes in public. And this is the reason why the vaping industry is expanding rapidly – do we call this influencer marketing? and the vaping companies don’t even ask them to do so. Thanks to celebrity endorsement, vaping has become the trend.

If you haven’t guessed who these celebrity vapers are, you will know soon. Below are the most popular celebrity vapers today.

Leonardo di Caprio wins the title celebrity vaper of all time as people all over the world have seen him vape. He is seen vaping in every photo that comes out in public. HE is even very vocal about it, encouraging people to use e-cigarettes. Tags have been given to di Caprio including “The Vaping Boss of Hollywood” and the “Vape Icon”. He has also been seen vaping at social events like the SAG awards.

Another celebrity vaper is Tom Hardy. IF you have seen Peaky Blinders or The Dark Knight Rises, then you should know Tom Hardy. When Tom appears in a public event, he is usually seen smoking an e-cigarette.

Another celebrity that has contributed to the vaping trend is Katherine Heigl. She was very vocal about her support for e-cigarettes in one of her guest appearances in the David Letterman show. In a way she is telling tobacco smokers to stop smoking and try vaping. She is one person who has tried many flavors of e-cigarettes as she mentions in the show, which made Letterman curious enough to try it out live on his show.

Katy Perry is loved by millions. She has hundreds of millions of followers on social media. So, it is expected that what Katy does, millions notice. Fans saw her vaping at the awards night, and so fans started to vape too.

You think only young celebrities vape? Jack Nicholson does it again – defying the expectation. He actually enjoys vaping himself at his age, early 80’s. With an e-cig in his mouth, he is coolest old cat around. So if you are as old as Jack, you can try vaping yourself.

There are just a few of the many celebrities who are driving the trend of vaping among fans today. If your idol vapes, then you should do too.

If you wish to gain more info. about celebrity vapers, which is talked about by a lot of people today, all that you need to do is to click here, and you can find so much more about celebrity news that will help you discover more.


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