Octopuses torture and take in by themselves after mating. Science finally is familiar with why.

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Numerous animal species die after they reproduce. But in octopus moms, this drop is particularly alarming: In most species, as an octopus mother’s eggs get near to hatching, she stops feeding on. She then leaves her protecting huddle above her brood and will become bent on self-destruction. She may possibly defeat herself versus a rock, tear at her individual skin, even take in parts of her possess arms. 

Now, scientists have identified the chemical compounds that look to handle this deadly frenzy. Just after an octopus lays eggs, she undergoes changes in the generation and use of cholesterol in her human body, which in change will increase her output of steroid hormones — a biochemical change that will doom her. Some of the improvements may well hint at procedures that explain longevity in invertebrates a lot more frequently, said Z. Yan Wang, an assistant professor of psychology and biology at the University of Washington. 


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