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Whilst the popular emphasis on MPs’ next work opportunities is the broad amounts of cash compensated, there is the other consideration of the time invested absent from their primary duties (“The only persons MPs need to be hustling for are their constituents”, Andrew Rawnsley, Comment). During my performing everyday living, my companies experienced the old-fashioned thought that, in buy to be paid out, I had to switch up and do work to their benefit. If MPs are operating up to 30 hours a month at a next task, how substantially does that eat into their functioning 7 days? Is an MP’s occupation so undemanding that they can in good shape in the extra several hours? If they contend that the do the job is in addition to their parliamentary commitments, do they contravene the doing work time directive? Do you want to be represented by an MP who is exhausted?

Rawnsley states that the public do not brain MPs doing the job as medical doctors, the argument getting that they are held abreast of NHS matters from the within. If doing work in a casualty division will allow adequate time to wander all over inquiring into the state of products and services frequently, I propose all the chat of NHS disaster is exaggerated. In the time it normally takes to receive a day’s pay out in a hospital, they could take a look at several wellbeing company premises in their constituency and use their skills to request tough concerns.

The only way to protect against all this is to pay back them a correct income, elect by proportional representation to get rid of extremely-safe and sound seats and ban all second work opportunities.
Nick Criminal
Hanham, Bristol

Chatting about my generation

Catherine Bennett’s report beautifully shown the absurdity of labelling generations in a wide-brush way and then treating them accordingly (“If Adam Boulton has to slip quietly away at 62, how lengthy in advance of they appear for you much too?”, Comment). On the other hand, that did not prevent me questioning to what named age tranche I belong. Google informs me that, possessing been born all through the war, I am one of the “silent generation”. It is genuine that, as the grim reaper usually takes his toll, additional of us are inevitably falling silent. Nonetheless, I a short while ago entered my 80th year and I obtain that it’s definitely strange getting the similar age as outdated people. But your publication of this letter proves that we are not all silent just yet awhile.
Dick Spall
Cavendish, Suffolk

A easy fact

I was delighted to see our area repurposed loo occupy key position in your short article (“Skip to the loo? Less complicated stated than completed as Britain loses hundreds of general public toilets”, News). The Theatre of Smaller Advantage has a higher profile in Malvern the place we welcome many guests every single yr. It requires its position in a theatre-loving local community for people who fear about getting caught brief, there is a real general public comfort right away opposite.
Suzi Macintyre

Just a further freeport freeload

I concern that the new freeport initiative (“Low taxes and levelling up: the wonderful freeport experiment comes to Teesside”, Company) will be however a different familiar spherical of subsidies, lower fees and rents features for market plus low cost electrical power to transform the wheels. Teesside and Hartlepool, the place I was born and introduced up, have to have true, certain jobs that are unionised and protected from the excesses of zero-hours contracts. Otherwise, it is a freeport freeload that expires when the subsidies operate out.
Jonathan Hauxwell
Crosshills, North Yorkshire

A flare for conversation

I have an understanding of that David Mitchell is put out by the migration to Electronic Voice (“It’s fantastic to talk, until you’re a BT customer”, the New Overview). Not the very least, he has most likely had to upgrade his telephonic instrument from the candlestick machine he may perhaps be accustomed to employing to a little something a lot more in keeping with the 21st century. Even so, I have to place out that he speaks from the viewpoint and mentality of what numerous of us non-metropolitans recognize as “a resident of that London”.

Below in rural south-west Scotland, we can only desire of effective broadband. As opposed to Mr Mitchell, we will reward from Electronic Voice when this is rolled out (maybe in 4 years’ time). By default, as an alternative of the 2Mbps we at present “enjoy”, as a crew of trained snails inch their way together the copper cellphone line, it will deliver modern-day broadband speeds.

He has a position about the reduction of a again-up voice channel. Since we have no reliable cell network sign, the removing of the copper cable may have a far more substantial downside in these elements, but I am on the lookout at obtaining in a inventory of unexpected emergency flares to protect this eventuality. Has Mitchell regarded as this choice?
Jo Lynch
Stoneykirk, Dumfries and Galloway

Sewage: the large picture

I concur entirely with Tim Adams’s “Swimming in sewage” post (the New Evaluation). Even so, Southern H2o is not the only culprit the technique underneath which it has to operate is absurd.

The authorized framework is flawed. The drinking water business is not permitted to refuse link to a enhancement passed with preparing authorization, while the council is strongly discouraged to refuse setting up permission on the grounds of deficiency of sewerage capability.

Licensed potential is based mostly completely on dry weather situations. Potential issues and discharges on a regular basis happen because of to wet temperature. H2o enterprise contracts permit pretty much unlimited storm discharges during soaked weather conditions.

For a 10 years, water businesses have been self-regulating with just about no oversight of daily functions by the Environment Agency.

The whole program is clearly unfit for goal and can only be rectified by overhaul at federal government stage.
Roy Seabrook
Nutbourne, Chichester, West Sussex

Ever-boozy Brits

“Tipsy at 30,000ft? It is the British way” (Emphasis): it was at any time hence. Killing time in 1984 at a busy Washington airport. Sitting down in an all but deserted bar a pair of hours just before the flight house. A purchaser arrived in and commented on how silent it was. “Not for prolonged,” replied the barmaid wearily. “The Brits are because of in before long.”
Rod Evans
Charlbury, Oxfordshire


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