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The Stories of Cancer Survivors That Will Touch Your Heart

It is important to realize the fact that cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world today. It does not choose who to affect. You will notice that many lives have been lost as a result of this killer disease. You should understand that doctors have their method of detecting this disease and they usually categorize them into phases. In the first stage, the cancer cells are already multiplying and cannot be detected easily. The the next stage, the cancer cells have migrated and can be felt at the lymph nodes. In the second last stage, the associated organs plus the surrounding ones are affected as well as the lymph nodes. In the last stage, cancer has spread to other organs, and it is known as secondary cancer. When diagnosed at an early stage, the patients can survive through various therapies. Learn more here about some cancer survivor stories.

The first survivor was Cheryl Stack. This young woman was diagnosed with a form of cancer that is linked to HPV. Human papilloma virus is a type of viral infection related to irresponsible sexual behavior. When diagnosed with this disease, Stack faced a lot of stigma from the people around her. You should understand that she was diagnosed at a time when there were no vaccines for this viral infection. Later, this lady became an advocate for HPV vaccination that can prevent people from becoming affected with cervical cancer.

You should also know that Shannon Miller was found with ovarian cancer when she was 33 years. It should be noted that Shannon was a gymnast and by the time she found about this deadly disease, she had just won the seventh Olympics medal. She assumed the several signs of cancer at first before knowing it was actually this dangerous disease. However, she survived due to the kind of exercises she did at the gymnastics. She has learned to be persevering and this helped her a lot. This lady, later on, turned out to be an advocate for cancer screening. This person expects people to be in charge of their bodies and pay attention to them.

It should be noted that another cancer survivor is Aubrey Glencamp who was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is essential to realize that for men, breast cancer can be detected almost immediately because of the prominent signs. This young man says that being positive and viewing life with much hope enabled him to survive this killer disease. Aubrey talks openly how his diagnosis came as a shock is that he is a man and how he chose to have double mastectomy done on him. This individual talk so much of the need to live a normal life even if one is diagnosed with cancer.


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