Largest bacterium ever found amazes researchers with its complexity

Experts found out an completely significant bacterium that can be noticed without having the aid of a microscope and lurks amid the mangroves of Grande-Terre in the Caribbean, Science magazine claimed.

The single-celled organism can increase up to .78 inches (2 centimeters) lengthy and resembles a skinny string, according to a report describing the discovery, posted Feb. 18 to the preprint databases bioRxiv. The bacterium carries all its DNA within a membranous pouch, contrary to most microorganisms, whose genetic product floats, unbound, in their cells. This element not only sets the newfound microbe apart from other microorganisms, but also distinguishes it from other prokaryotes — a group of organisms with very modest, basic cell constructions. The team includes organisms found in the Micro organism and Archaea domains. 


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