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West Jefferson’s Camping Festival

Every summer usually on the last weekend of July, the High Country Bus Festival is commemorated. Due to the fact that summer times are normally so sizzling and scorching, this is a good celebration to take full advantage of the cool breeze high up in the mountain ranges. However, it can get more chilly at night, so warm clothes are also a must! This affair is more about accumulating old and new friends jointly to grasp the spirit of a friendly relationship and simply to have an exciting and unforgettable weekend break by way of hiking and outdoor camping in the woods. This camping event is generally held right at the New River in Crumpler, North Carolina.

Along the riverbank, a lot of people usually joins in on the fun. Nevertheless, there are also quite a few camping necessities to be observed such as the regular camp tents, the trailers, and some Recreational vehicles. True to the camping motif, no meals were given so you either have to learn how to magically produce food out of thin air or just basically load up some food basics and make meals over the standard flames from wood! The organizers usually hire local bands to play like Corduroy Commander. The musical genres being played are more of rock music, folk songs, and country music.

The camping grounds are not just filled with the natural wonders and majestic views but there are also places for tourists to visit. What I’m referring to are the camp vendors that offer a variety of mementos and knick-knacks such as tie-dyed tshirts, dreamcatchers and a lot of camping gear.

One of the most-awaited activities in the High Country Bus Festival is the tubing activity. With just a few bucks, you can plunge into the river in style with a big and yellow intertube. This fun activity is more remarkable if you are in a group of people or with your friends and family. After that strenuous activity, a refreshing drink is usually served for a cheap price and you can just watch the magnificent view around the camping site. Mobile phone reception is more or less poor in the camping place so you can have a break from the busyness of social media and work and just take pleasure in the company of your spouse and children and close buddies.

The surroundings can also make you feel a little bit more connected with Mother nature! This outdoor camping activity is also a certain way to enable your children to build a partaking connection with other individuals as the High Country Bus Festival is a kid-friendly occasion.

Hence, if you want to have a special trip that will surely be memorable and very appropriate for your loved ones and close friends, then head on to the High Country Bus Festival!


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