I Let the People Decide

A year ago, I created an online game that gained quite a following. The game is a battle royale style game where a large number of competitors are pitted against each other until only one is remaining. I wanted to find out what new features I should implement in the next update of the game, so I used a survey maker online to create a survey that all of the players could complete. The survey choice with the highest result would become the next feature, while the others would be added at some later date.

One by one, the players filled out the online survey. Out of all of the options available in the survey, the most popular one was the addition of vehicles. The people gave me their answer, so I went to work on making vehicle models and writing the code to add them into the game. I added three vehicle types: a car, a motorcycle, and an ATV. All of the vehicles are land based because I thought that having a flying vehicle would give certain players too much of an advantage, which would mean that I would have to make changes later on to balance them out again, which would upset some of the player base.

The vehicles were pretty popular with the players. I made it so that the vehicles are spread out around the game map evenly, giving every player a fair chance to reach them. The vehicles have different levels of speed and protection, so players will have to think wisely about which one they want to use. I’m nearly close to finishing the next addition that will be added in accordance with the survey. The second most popular choice on the survey was the addition of new maps for the players to fight on.