How To Make Online Learning Effective

Online teaching has been a trend nowadays because of the convenience this can provide not only to students but their teachers and parents too. Some are comfortable with this way of learning as they see it not only convenient but cheaper too. Unfortunately, it is not as effective for everyone. They see issues with distant learning hence strive to send their children to physical schools to get the education they need.

There are many good ways a teacher can do to make online learning effective. To help you with it, read the tips given below:

Learn more about the technology

This can be new to you and your students as well, hence it is important that you know the technology far better, know the right places to get technical support, give enough time to familiarize yourself navigating the system, and if possible, participate in training provided by different institutions about this educational process switch.

Tip: Make sure that there is a number you can readily call in case an issue comes up.

Be prepared with unexpected

Even with how advanced technology is right now, there is still a chance that internet connection will fail, applications like video calling are not connecting and links are not working right. If this happens, take things easy, of course, this does not mean you can play at all sister sites while waiting for it to work, but at least take action in a manner that your students will not get worried. Be on top of the situation and make sure that your students are informed about what is currently happening.

Tip: Do not be too confident, have a backup plan always in place.

Maintain and create a powerful presence

One of the things you have to keep in mind is that your students need to feel that you are in front of them guarding and guiding them on things they need to do. It is easy for them to slack off if they know no one is watching. Their attention can easily be derailed by food, tv-series, by their pets and so on. Instead of just using instant messaging to connect and convey messages to them, use video calls. If this is what you use, you are assured that their attention is focused only on what you are teaching them and you can also easily get their attention back to the lesson in case they lose focus.

Have an avenue for the students to ask questions before, during and after online classes

Just to keep a continuous communication, encourage your students to ask questions not only during classes but before and after that as well. Use an application where students can park their questions or an application where you can have a chat with your students, even without face to face video calling.

This way, your student’s questions will be answered the soonest time possible or at the least before the class starts. Be as prompt as possible in answering their questions.


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