I Am Back in the Netherlands

In fact I am here, but I am not really doing too much at the moment. I have some commerciele training for a new job. That is at this town called Appeldorn which is probably an hour East of Amsterdam and there is not so much to do there. However that is really somewhat boring, since I have already picked up nearly all of the things they want to teach me. The training takes a few hours per day and it is going to be one or two weeks in total, starting at around nine in the morning. By the time lunch rolls around I am always done and I have been trying to figure out what to do with the time. Yesterday I took a train to Amsterdam and did some tourist type things. It was sheer luck that I did not get lost, I happened to strike up a conversation with a student from the University of Leiden and she told me that I had to get off and change trains. In all honesty I would have rather gone where she was going, but she had other plans.

At any rate I am mostly bored and have been studying on my own to pass the time. I drank a little beer last night, but I made a real effort to keep that in moderation. I was not worried about getting drunk and doing foolish things, although I have done that in the past. Instead I have been trying to lose a few pounds lately. It is not like I am obese, but I feel like if I do not start losing a bit of weight I shall be going in the wrong direction. All of the travel I do has led to a lot of bad habits and I need to shake them.