A Girl in Her Paper

My college years were some of the most formative and interesting years of my life. I would not trade the experiences that I had for anything in the world. College was also where I met my first girlfriend. Her name was Rose. She was a cheerleader and very beautiful. It was funny how we met. We had a class together and had to do a term paper. During that time, we learned a lot about each other. We worked very hard on that paper. We used a tool check plagiarism in our paper. We wanted everything to be perfect. Rose’s future depended on it.

I first met Rose during my junior year of college. We had an economics class together. When I first saw her, I was immediately blow away by her beauty. She wore her cheer-leading outfit to class. The professor wanted us to write a term paper on the importance of labor unions. I was so shocked when Rose wanted to team up with me. I did not know that she knew I existed. I was overjoyed to have this beautiful cheerleader as my partner. I look forward to working with her.

During the next week, Rose and I met at the campus library and began to tedious chore of gathering research for our paper. I was a little nervous. Rose’s beauty was very intimidating, but I remained professional. Rose looked worried about something. She usually had a bubbly personality, but she was not her normal self. She confided in me that she was in danger on being put on academic probation. She needed to make an A on this paper or she would have to stop cheer-leading. I felt bad for Rose. We worked very hard to make our paper great. We used a plagiarism checker to scan our work. It came out clean. I was proud of the world we did.

I was so proud that we got an A on our paper. Rose and I decided that we should hang our more since her grades were back on track. I was so happy.